About Fanap

History of Fanap

Pasargad Arian Information and Communication Technology Company (FANAP) was established on January 24, 2005 with the investment of Pasargad Financial Group and the collective cooperation of elites and graduates of the country's top universities.

FANAP's primary mission was to design and prepare a native Iranian banking solution based on the expertise and knowledge of Iranian youth, which was realized with God's grace. After this success, FANAP expanded its activities in the information technology industry by providing comprehensive financial solutions, comprehensive insurance solutions, stock market and management and processing of financial transactions, which is now a part of the largest private and public banks of the country, organizations and ministries and financial institutions, and credit and insurance companies as well as stock brokers are using them. The development and implementation of intelligent transportation solutions based on image processing was FANAP's first experience in the non-financial and banking fields, and continued by providing value-added content services and payment on mobile phone platforms and launching two fixed communication operators (FCP and FWA) in the sectors various chains of value and played an important role in the communication technology sector. Launching the country's first Internet TV, designing and implementing a comprehensive organizational and industrial solution in the form of the country's largest software project and launching an innovation and acceleration center for startup businesses, and finally participating in large technological projects of e-government and developing emerging technologies at a global level, such as IoT, Blockchain and AI have been among FANAP Group's achievements to date.

Mission Statement

FANAP, The Platform for Creating the Future

Our vision is our guideline for developing the following principal values:

  • A platform for synergy and collaboration of all innovative business developers
  • Providing solutions, tools and infrastructures for creating a desirable future
  • Focusing on an ecosystem-oriented and active vision in collaboration with all the other tech ecosystem role players
  • Growth based on friendly competition and emphasizing on the macro value that is created
  • Using the network effect and using more complex business models

FANAPs innovative ecosystem, includes commercial and social companies and institutions working under the holding, in a constructive collaboration with other companies in Pasargad Financial Group and operates in the technology sector utilizing the capabilities of the active role players in the industry. FANAP, believing in the monothetic true ownership of God across the whole universe, is committed to achieving its vision, goals and organizational objectives, as well as empowering and satisfying its customers, including organizations and private entities, and creating a smart lifestyle as the nature of its ecosystem, with the help of its efficient, creative and committed human resources and with the continuing development of technologies and innovations, as the principal tool for creating value in business.

FANAP must take the responsibility of ensuring Pasargad Financial Groups superiority and elevation, using information technology and communications and expanding this groups investment portfolio, and have an impactful presence in international markets to play a role in the global scene.

Fanap's vision for the year 1404

Core Values

  • Responsibility
  • Collaboration
  • Toleration
  • Innovation


Macro strategies

Quantitative Objectives

  • Being ranked among the top 10 IT and telecommunication companies in the Middle East
  • Annual revenue of minimum 1% of the national GDP
  • Creating direct and sustainable employment for 10,000 people and indirect employment for 100.000 people

Qualitative Objectives

  • Becoming the best role player in the domestic digital ecosystem in fintech
  • Offering a role model for the Iranian smart lifestyle
  • Designing and supplying products and services on a global scale
  • Sustainable development and constant increase in management capabilities and implementing international projects and business plans



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Board of directors

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